The Book

About The Book

Amelia and The Old New Truck is the story of a Truck that, after years of hard work with a carpenter, is put away and forgotten inside a barn until one day, a girl named Amelia finds her and decides to make this old truck new again

The Inspiration

Amelia and The Old New Truck was inspired by Mattie Bush-Martin's business, Amelia's Flower Truck, in Nashville, TN

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About the Author

Mattie Bush-Martin is the owner of Amelia's Flower Truck in Nashville, TN. She started her company in 2016 to make flowers more accessible to everyone and has since expanded into three Flower Trucks, two storefronts, and Nationwide shipping of their classic bouquets. When Mattie started Amelia’s, she knew that it would one day inspire a Children’s Book.

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